Our Story


It all started back in the 1960s and 70's when Carmen LaPlante owned and managed a small woman's boutique featuring hats, lingerie, and accessories. The name of the store was Carmen's Chapeaux. Chapeaux mean hats in French. Carmen was the founder's maternal grandmother. Kathleen loved her, and as a young child, she loved that small cute store. 

Carmen was 'The Hat Lady' in her little city. She was a beautiful woman who always wore a hat, and she had many. Entering her store with her mom, Kathleen always felt as though she were walking into a playroom of fun, fashion, and love.


Fast forward almost 60 years, to a new concept of Carmen's Chapeaux. LelaBela is offering up that same feeling with a new generation of style, design, fashion, and merchandising. 

LelaBela is the perfect name to honor Kathleen's fashionista grandmother and let her fun, fashion-forward style continue to keep blooming and growing in the 21st century. Lela is short for Abuela, which means grandmother in Spanish.

LelaBela is a jewelry and accessories fashion boutique that sports the tagline "Linking Fun & Fashion!" It features artistic and inspirational jewelry and accessories. 

LelaBela's jewelry will communicate and deliver many positive messages. This joy and beauty will translate via quality, inspiring design, and by using meaningful semi-precious stones that represent healing and well-being. 

The jewelry is a selection of artfully mixed mediums and featured in Sterling Silver, gold, and other natural metals and materials. The brand is about living a great life of soulful, stylish choices, and the look encompasses a diverse variety of sizes, textures, and colors. The product ranges from dainty to chunky, from casual to dressy with an array of fun, trendy, and classic looks. 

The LelaBela accessory line encompasses the same affirmative vibe, including love, hope, faith, and abundance. The collection will continue to grow and feature colorful scarves, an array of natural bags, fun keychains, versatile belts, unique watches, and more.

Meet Our Founder


LelaBela will enrich people's lives. The products and culture generously elevate, inspire, and enhance. They magnify that same theme out in the world by being philanthropic and donating 10% of the profits back to women's education.

LelaBela will service the communities in which we live, enrich your fashion desires, deliver some inspiration, enhance your joy, and add some fun to your shopping experience!