Answers - Sterling Silver Pendant


 Moonstruck. Lustrous. Dreamy

This approximately 2" Moonstone pendant is magnificent and is called Answers. This pendant is a stunning piece and fits many different chain styles. You can soften it with a more fine chain or make it pop with a chunky one. This magnificent stone sits atop a laced Sterling Silver framework.


  • Large bale to ensure adaptability to many size chains
  • Significant laced .925 Sterling Silver frame
  • Blue Moonstone is pearly white and measures approximately 2 inches
  • Flexible style piece pairs with many different looks


Are you looking for some healing properties? Whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual, or psychological, this stone is perfect with its white and blue shimmering rays of vital energy. Let love speak through this stone and deliver some calm and peace back into your life.

Wear this stone to state a positive mood and treat yourself to some therapeutic moments as this stone connects with your spirit. Lifting and love is their core reason for existence and has a powerful elevating pull.

This is one fine piece of artistry. It is solid and refined with its gorgeous Sterling along with this exquisite stone. Dress up a t-shirt and pair of jeans, or wear on a luxurious crushed velvet dress. Both work stunningly. Whatever your look and style, it will thrive with this Answers Pendant.


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This Answers Pendant is an investment in yourself, in your mood, and your overall psyche. It is time to capitalize on your spending. Spend smart, and buy items that will live forever. When you empower your money, you declare your future.

Invest in yourself

Grant yourself a lovely gift with this .925 pendant. It will forever remind you of the love you have to offer. Order yours today or shop our wide selection of stunning jewelry.