Bathed in Black - Jade Hoop Earrings


 Mysterious. Charming. Enjoyable.

 These to-die-for Black Jade Sterling Silver hoop earrings hang approximately 2 1/2" long and are the perfect accessory to match any outfit.


  • Two and a half inches long
  • Shiney Back Jade hoops
  • Sterling Silver features


Black Jade is well known for its metaphysical properties and its quality and endurance in jewelry. The combination of Sterling Silver and this semi-precious stone put these earrings at the top of the "To Own" list.

Black Jade will be your etheric bodyguard and offer you protection when wearing. They can provide a powerful energy shield to protect you from violence and fear. This stone and these earrings encourage truth, luck, and self-reflection.

These dark, mysterious earrings are an excellent color. You can wear them with many shirts and dresses that are currently in your closet. Also, hoops are comfortable and show well behind long hair and snap with shorter styles.


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Self-reflect wearing these attractive hoops

Become the energy that sustains and encourages truth and luck. Order now to bring about positive reinforcement in your style as well as your being.