Bobby Dazzler - Labradorite & Sterling Silver Pendant


Dazzling. Eye-Catching. You.

The phrase ‘bobby dazzler’ is a 19th Century, Northern English phrase for something or someone which is remarkable or excellent. So, it definitely applies to this beautiful blue, teardrop-shaped, sterling silver pendant.

The Bobby Dazzler pendant is one of our bestsellers and would make an excellent gift for someone who personifies the spirit of the ocean.


  • Teardrop-shaped Labradorite stone
  • Sterling silver frame features beveled rope accent
  • Chain not included
  • 2.5 inches long

Not A Traditional Birthstone, But Enchanting to Everyone

Although Labradorite is not a traditional birthstone, some people associate it with spring and summer birthdays. It was first discovered by Western geologists in Labrador, Canada, in the year 1770, which is how it got its name.

However, it was already referenced in the legends of Inuit tribes who claim that it fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. Gazing at the complex shades of green and blue that swirl inside this crystal, it’s easy to imagine how the legends began.

Because of its inherent cool, watery, iridescent, peacock-like beauty, Labradorite became a popular gem in Europe throughout both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Buy Bobby Dazzler Now

The depth of iridescent blue in this charming stone is mesmerizing. Buy this exquisite teardrop-shaped, Labradorite pendant now for yourself or a loved one! It pairs beautifully with our Converge chain.