Channeled - Stainless Steel Adjustable Ring


Burly, Trendy, Fierce

This ring is fabulous. With its Sterling Silver chain band that is adjustable for sizes 6-9, you will be able to rock this baby any day you want.


  • Sizes 6-9
  • Adjustable band
  • Sterling Silver
  • Chain-like band


The Channeled adjustable Stainless Steel ring matches our burly strong masculine Channeled bracelet. This set can be worn to the beach, out on the slopes, or out on the town. Hence, you can wear it with a swimsuit, a ski suit, or a cute jumpsuit.


With its fierce structure, Channeled is a great ring to wear to boost your leadership and confidence. Wear it on your pointer finger to feel your best while looking your best.

Channel your inner diva

Channel your inner diva while wearing this ring! Grab that dress that you think is just a little bit extra. Or maybe you’re ready for a chill movie night. Throw on that trendy sweat set you have and hit the movies.