Crossover - Murano Glass & Sterling Silver Pendant


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International. Glorious. Stunning.

 Show your grace with this Murano Glass on this gorgeous rounded Sterling Silver cross pendant. The name is Crossover, and it is 1 3/4"


  • 1¾ Inch
  • Sterling Silver
  • Murano Glass
  • Rounded Edges


Invest in yourself and wear international art. That is precisely what Murano Glass is. This Crossover Pendant will lift you and bless you well. The elements of the design are from a detailed, delicate Italian form of art.

The cross design symbolizes the culture of the island where it is crafted. This pendant is a star. It shines, glimmers, and glows beauty and elegance. Wear it to a baseball game, a black-tie event, or washing dishes. It is sturdy and flexible in fashion design and wear.

Venetian glass started being produced over 1,500 years ago, in about 450 AD. Venetian Glass comes from Venice, Itlay, and Murano Glass from Venice's island, Murano. Murano is a cluster of islands now linked by short bridges, located a little over a mile north of Venice.


 Elevate your mood, and look and display your reverence by wearing the Crossover Pendant. Spread the love, and give honor to Italy, Venice, and the Murano Islands.

 Get on the road to the Murano Islands

Transport yourself afar with a relic of the region and a souvenir of the sea. You are loved by many. Order a Crossover Pendant today.