Declare - Green Leather-wrapped Hoop Earrings


Hooped. Looped. Scooped.

Declare to wrap it up with these stunning Green Leather-wrapped Hoop Earrings. Made of 18k White Gold plate and genuine leather, they hang 2". 


  • 2" Hoop Style
  • 18k Gold Plate
  • Genuine Leather


 Soup up whatever you wear with these magnificent leather hoops. These hoops come in different colors and are a spectacle to your overall look. You will love the variety of fashion and statement that these earrings portray. Live it up with hoops that can be dressed to the hilt or worn on the run.

 Feeling spectacular is what fashion is all about, and these earrings deliver. They are substantial enough to make the statement, bold enough to be noticed, and colorful enough to mix and match. The most significant earring of this size are too heavy and are not comfortable. Well, these are plentiful and lightweight. Who would have thought you could have your cake and wear them too?


 If you pursue love, quality, and inspiration, you have found a fashion home at LelaBela. We stand for sisterhood with our generous support of women's education, quality by offering .925 Sterling Silver, 14k, and 18k Gold and Gold Plate, and inspiration with our blogs and content.

 Become a beacon of trend

Wear the Declare Earrings as a fad statement, a method of style, and to feel remarkable. These are not just ordinary hoops. Order them today at LelaBela.