Eclipse - Continuous Glimmering Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Silver Bracelet


Thrill. Bliss. Elation.

This bracelet is an exquisite 7" Infinity Swarovski Crystals and clasps on a Sterling Silver bangle. With one solitaire, ever-moving Swarovski Crystal, it is a doozie of a dollop of dynamism.


  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Bangle Style


This one is an investment into your future. This bracelet will be worn forever whenever you want to feel extraordinary and spectacular. The shifting Swarovski solitaire creates rays and beams of exquisite light that dance with your movement. Want someone's attention? Wear this gorgeous piece, and you will be the hit of the show. It is a modest piece that gets prominent attention.


LelaBela sources only quality, exquisite fun items, and Eclipse Bangle Bracelets hold that sentiment. Celebrate your life and treat yourself or another to this incredible piece of artwork.   

 Things that make me sparkle make me happy

The Eclipse bracelet will turn your fashion sense toward the light. Become a twinkler and a dazzler by ordering this precious piece today.