Edgy - White Gold Ring


Simple, Soothing, Tranquil

This Schitt's Creek-inspired White 18k Gold plated double adjustable ring fits ring size 6 - 9. It is the perfect addition to any outfit as it is simple yet still unique. 


  • Sizes 6-9
  • Adjustable band
  • White 18k Gold
  • Double-sided


With its double plated gold band, Edgy gives the appearance of two rings in one. This is such a fun twist on your basic ring. Inspired by Schitt's Creek, this ring is everything you need.


With this ring's tranquil looks, it is the perfect ring to wear as a tool to bring yourself clarity by wearing it on your index finger. Are you looking to hone in on your intuition? Wear Edgy on your pinky and let your intuition take control.

Edgy Girl

This ring is perfect for pairing with more rings. Since it appears as a double ring, you can wear one on the opposite hand to even out your look. Or maybe wear two Edge rings at the same time to create a stacked look. 

Wear Edgy while headed to that family barbecue; it is perfect for keeping things simple and sweet. 

You could even spice it up by wearing it to your holiday parties with that stunning jumpsuit.