Edition - Continuous Glimmering Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Silver Necklace


 Simple. Lovely. Bright.

Charming Platinum and Sterling Silver 16" necklace and pear-shaped pendant feature an ever-moving, dancing, and shimmering handset Swarovski Crystal solitaire.


  • Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver Pear-shaped Pendant
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Swarovski Dancing Solitaire
  • 16" .925 Sterling Silver Chain


Another item for the vault, this shifting Platinum and Sterling Swarovski solitaire creates rays and beams of exquisite light that dance with your movement. Want someone's attention? Wear this gorgeous necklace constantly. Completely wearable with any outfit, on any day, doing any activity. This piece is small enough to not get in your way and bright enough to make a statement in quality and craftsmanship.


The Edition Necklace will portray taste, distinguishment, sophistication, and style. Wear it with a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a little back dress, or a sexy robe. It is highly likely to get and keep attention.  

Things that make me sparkle make me happy

This Edition Necklace glimmers as you sway glows as you walk, and shines as you smile. Illuminate your style sense as you wear this fantastic little gem—sparkle, and charm by ordering this precious piece today.