Elaborate - Continuous Glimmering Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Necklace



Endless. Delight. Joy.

This high-end Platinum and Sterling Silver Swarovski framed infinity pendant features an ever-moving, dancing, and twirling Swarovski Crystal on a delicate 16" chain with lobster clasp. 


  • Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver Infinity-shaped Pendant
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Swarovski Dancing Solitaire
  • 16" .925 Sterling Silver Chain


Open that safe and get ready to protect one exquisite investment. If it's not around your neck, protect this jewel of a necklace, for you will not want to live without it. Capture the attention of many with this stunning infinity pendant and Swarovski Solitaire. It will forever be your favorite as it sparkles and shines your entire life.


The Elaborate Necklace is intricate, ornate, and rich in detail and brilliance. Its elegance is supreme as its solitaire and framed Swarovski crystal pendant sparkle and twinkle. The Elaborate Necklace can be worn to the opera or the ball. You are the Cinderella, and this is your proof.

Things that make me sparkle make me happy

This Necklace glimmers as you dance, twinkles as you ride your chariot, and shines as you smile at your Prince Charming. Illuminate your style sense as you wear this fantastic charm of eternity.  Sit upon your Princess thrown and be your efference self by ordering the Elaborate Necklace today.