Elusive - Continuous Glimmering Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Silver Necklace


Superstar. Celebrated. Luminary.

Make a wish with this exquisite 16" Sterling Silver chain and ever-moving, dancing, and shining Infinity Swarovski Crystal Solitaire pendant featuring an amazing starfish. 


  • Platinum over .925 Sterling Silver Infinity-shaped Pendant with Starfish Charm
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Swarovski Dancing Solitaire
  • 16" .925 Sterling Silver Chain


Move over other necklaces. This is the legendary, the iconic, and the VIP. The Elusive Necklace is the perfect item to gift yourself or another for a great accomplishment or a job well done as an award or reward. The star aspect of this pendant speaks clearly to the upper echelon that it represents.


The Elusive Necklace is intricate, opulent, and luxuriant in its elements of Sterling Silver and the brilliance of Swarovski Crystals. There is no better way to recognize yourself or another. It is the perfect contribution of adoration and honor, kindness, and generosity.

Happy to share this wonderful world with you

Be happy. Be stunning, and be of joy with this Elusive Necklace that will radiate your life. You are the reason for the season. Treat yourself and others well, and order this wonderful necklace today.