Favour - Murano Glass, Swarovski Crystals & Sterling Silver Earrings


Universal. Celebrated. Stunning.

 The Beauty and the Best are these 1/2" Swarovski encircled Murano Glass clovers with Sterling Silver post earrings. Although small, these earrings pack a punch of power because of their stunning beauty and color.


  • ½ Inch Posts
  • Sterling Silver
  • Murano Glass
  • Rounded Clover Edges
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Murano Glass


Create an international look with the Favour Earrings. They speak to refined art, travel, goodwill, and fun. Murano Glass is a high-end high fashion stone that reeks of glory and honor. The elements of the ever-changing design are from a detailed, delicate Italian form of art.

The clover design is very symbolic. The first leaf stands for hope. The second represents faith, the third signifies faith, and the fourth leaf, as most of us are aware, is luck. Those who wear and gift clovers can bring about all of these beautiful attributes to their life. When you spread traits such as these, you are blessed.


LelaBela is ready to help you spread fashion, lift love, bring hope to others, and find a bit of luck. Wear these gorgeous earrings, and see what happens.

 Italy, here I come

Transport yourself afar with a stone of glass heritage and ancient wisdom of Italy. You are admired by many, and that love resides in your heart. Order the Favour Earrings today.