Gratitude - Red Leather & Beads Bracelet



Funky, Chunky, Vibrant

Red Leather and wood are the main two ingredients in this big, fun necklace. It features two back 3" tassels, and one front 7" tassel.


  • Front 7" leather tassel 
  • 2 3" tassels in back
  • Wooden beads
  • Leather accents
  • Adjustable length
  • 34" Long plus tassels


Gratitude is a great necklace for getting that extra color you need to wrap up the entire look. Maybe it's with your all-neutral set, or maybe with your favorite work outfit. This necklace is impressive as it is easy to adjust and has a unique structure making it different from any other necklace you've got. 


Grab this necklace for all of your boho needs. Its wooden beads and vibrant color are such a fun piece for showing others your style. 

Give Gratitude

Treat yourself with Gratitude. Wearing this necklace will make you feel light and bright with its vibrant blue tassels, so wear it with confidence.