Llama-Mama - Shaggy Shoulder Bag


Wild. Gregarious. Outspoken

The Llama Mama Tote is a tan shaggy real-looking faux fur. It has a Brass ring and Ultrasuede embellishment. This soft, light, fresh tote has a top zipper closure and is fully lined in waterproof taffeta with an interior zippered pocket for a cell phone. It sports a single Ultrasuede 17" strap.


  • 17 inch Ultrasuede strap
  • Faux llama fur
  • Exterior reinforced zipper with Ultrasuede pull
  • 13 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 2 + inches deep


 Pull out all the stops when you carry this sweetheart of a bag. Attention getter for everyone believes you are holding a puppy for the fur is so realistic.

This bag has an authentic natural look with a dynamic earthy appearance. If you are into hiking, mountain wandering, surviving, or just even watching Alone, you will love this bag. This is a hot look and a hot seller.


Bring the outdoors in with this spectacular sporty purse. Entertain yourself and others by using this bag with all of your earthy outfits. It works well, no matter the season or the weather.

 The game is showing your style

 Sport the best accessory ever by ordering a Llama Mama Bag today.