Moment - White Turquoise, Black Obsidian & Sterling Silver Rosary / Necklace


Momentous. Inspired. You.

Our rosary-inspired, sterling silver, white turquoise, and black obsidian necklace is a great statement piece for any outfit. It is versatile, stylish, and makes a great gift.


  • 30’ sterling silver chain
  • Delicate Sterling silver cross accented with genuine obsidian
  • More than a dozen white turquoise and sterling silver beads embedded in the chain
  • Secure lobster clasp


If you are looking for a unique gift you won’t find anywhere else, check out this beautiful silver necklace. It can be paired with jeans to add a bold statement to a casual day look, or it can be paired with an evening dress for a unique touch of glamour and visual interest. You can even layer it with any of our other necklaces for an extra pop of elegance. The obsidian and turquoise beads are sourced from countries worldwide to ensure quality, and the pure sterling silver is free from lead and other harmful materials.

Give a Meaningful Gift

Each piece we carry is carefully selected for its beauty, and this rosary bead-inspired necklace is no different. The cross symbolizes hope and rebirth, while white turquoise represents knowledge, truth, and transformation. Many people believe that obsidian protects against negativity. When you give this gorgeous necklace to a loved one, you are making a powerful statement, and they are sure to think of you every time they wear it. Go beyond bland jewelry and give a gift that truly inspires.

Get Your Exclusive Prayer Bead Rosary-Inspired Silver Necklace Today

If you are looking for a necklace that will wow, you won’t want to miss this white turquoise and black obsidian masterpiece. Order yours today or browse the rest of our fine jewelry selection.