Sugar - White Gold Ring



Sweet, Versatile, Petite

This adorable petite ring is perfect to set a simple stage of uniqueness and is White 18k Gold plated. Fits ring size 6 - 9.


  • Sizes 6-9
  • Adjustable band
  • White 18k Gold


Sugar is so sweet and simple making it wearable with anything you could dream of. It is small and dainty, but as it is adjustable, it gives you all of the freedom to wear it any way you want. 


This unique hammered look is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Wear it on your ring finger to channel that extra romance you’ve been looking for. Wear it on your thumb to boost your energy.

Sweet like Sugar

Sugar gives you endless opportunities to wear it. You can wear three stacked on one finger, or maybe stack it with a different ring in between two Sugar rings. Wear it daily with your go-to work fits. Sugar is the sweetness you’ve been missing.