Transcend - Crystal & Sterling Silver Ring


 Fierce. Unfathomable. Chocolate.

This chunk of a hunk has got some spunk, just like its sister, Ascend. This is Transcend, the ring that is waiting for you. It is 925 Sterling Silver and highlights a luxurious Deep-Smoky Chocolate Crystal solitaire. Take a look at its lavish layers. This ring is adjustable from size seven to nine, so it is the perfect item to wear on different fingers. Be it the middle, the ring, or the pointer finger; it makes a stunning statement.


  • Handcrafted
  • Wide adjustable 925 Sterling Silver band from 7 – 9
  • Pounded finish
  • Deep-Smoky Chocolate Crystal Solitaire
  • Funky graphic style


This color crystal portrays what is known as the Ground Stone. This is a crystal replica of the perfect Smokey Topaz or even a Chocolate Diamond. Although not a natural stone, this crystal is a doppelganger for its real-life cousins. Its color represents serenity, positive thoughts, stability, and healing.

This relaxing stone color can bring about calmness and improve communication. If you tend to wear primarily neutral colors, this is a flawless fit. It couldn’t look better than when you wear it with tans, creams, browns, khakis, whites, and blacks. Who knew you could invest in a ring to match your wardrobe? We did!


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Soar to new heights with the Transcend Ring. Check out the Ascend Ring as well. It features the same style yet reveals a Sea-Blue Crystal solitaire.

Be willing to let go

When you are calm, well adjusted, self-confident, and loving and forgiving of yourself, you will thrive in this world—experience life from that perspective. Give yourself a break. We know we are not perfect. Love yourself anyway! Order this incredible ring now to ensure peace of mind and body.